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Clara’s 1st Blog

IMG_3522_sm IMG_3501_sm IMG_3500_smI am so excited—we are actually doing science! Last night we started some experiments to measure ammonia oxidation rates. We use inhibitors to try to tell the difference between ammonia oxidation by bacteria or archaea (technique courtesy of Dave Stahl).  You can see Nick injecting tracer into the bag filling tube. We use extremely cute bags. Bess designed them based on juice bags for kids.

We chose this station to do the experiments because for ammonia oxidation, we don’t mind not having a truly anoxic zone.  However, to our surprise, we did find true anoxia and quite high nitrite concentrations. This is a good sign that foretells good sampling opportunities ahead.

See photos of Andrew sampling for CFCs on the same cast. His syringes are hard core!


June 29, 2013


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